Place value

This week we revised what we know about Place Value We have also Started Learning about How a number can be Represented in many difrent ways our task was to create a poster,


I enjoyed, writing everything down on here.


i need to work on, blogging more.


i did well at, making this poster

what’s LS1’s favorite chocolate

This week for Maths me and my Class did bar graphs, me and my buddy Sweet-E did chocolate she stayed to write what We were doing As i went around to ask what Peoples favorite chocolate was and Most Of them Said Kit Kat chocolate.

I Enjoyed, asking people


i need to improve on, asking more people


i need to work on, my focuse

Mall Word Find

In Cybersmart we are learing how to use google apps for diffrent purpoeses Today we made our own word finds on Google slides. i choose to make it about the Mall.


First we had a chat about blogging with our teacher. the word find the word find we made had to appriciate for our blogs. we dissgused the template and read through it and then made a copy of the template and made our own.


did u find my 7 words?

i enjoyed doing the word shearch.

i need to improve on doing a better job

i did well at writting my words

Character Profile


This week for Reading we did a character profile.  We had to think of things and make up a story I chose to create a story about angry bird.  After we wrote the story we had to draw what we think our character would look like and put it on our paper.  I did well at, writing my story,i enjoyed drawing my picture,i need to improve on my drawing skills.

What is a protoypye

Today for inquiry we had to explain what a protoype is here was my example, if I wanted to make a phone I would make a model of what I would put in the phone to make it work and then i would test like protoype does  it and if it works then I would keep it but if it doesent work I would make another model of what i would put in it and i would draw more stuff of what I would put in it and try to test it again.

I enjoyed, tracing the laptop.

I did well and, explaining.

I need to improve on,adding more pictures

Decimal No. 3 Places

This week for maths we did Decimal No. 3 Places of a poster i worked mith my friend sweete and this is the poster that we did together we had to write 3 decimal numbers in hundredths tenths and thousends

I enjoyed choosing the colors

I need to improve on learning my numbers

I did well at writing on the poster

Rainbow fish

This week for Reading we had to read the book rainbow fish and make a recount, and draw what we imagened it to look like, i did mine on paper and drew my picture on to of my writing,

I enjoyed, drawing

I need to improve on, my hand writing

i did well at my sentences

Happy Halloween

This week for PB4L we did something for helloween we had to creat our own entrance and then take a spooky picture and remove the backround and then put it on the slides, after that we did a word search after the word search we had o make a DLO we could make a kahoot blooket horror story or poster i choose a horror story my horror story is about a girl that heard a noise and went to investergate and woke up her friends her friends kept scaring her she was with all her friends and heard noises she thought one of them were making it but it was not.

I enjoyed, making my horror story.

I did well at writing my horror story.

I need to improve on my word search.